Halloween Surprise, pt. 1/30

Paranormal Boulevard

Lila was digging in her embroidered handbag for her keys, when she looked up to see a cardboard box leaning against her front door. Shaking her head, she walked toward it. “More eBay stuff,” she grumbled. Lately Ian had been on a buying spree in a quest for the perfect Halloween outfits for them.

She reached down to pick up the box, and nearly fell over as the weight from her backpack sliding off the one shoulder almost pulled her off balance. Reaching to the ground to steady herself, her hand encountered what felt to be a flat package. She grabbed it and heaved her way up, finally using her keys to unlock the door and stumble inside.

“Oof.” She nearly face planted on the floor as she tried to avoid tripping over their cat Pearson, who sat squarely in the middle of the doorway looking peeved about having been home alone all day. Lila finally came to a halt and managed to close the door without stepping directly on Pearson before throwing herself down in a chair and putting down the assorted packages, purse, and backpack with a series of heavy thuds.

“Sorry, buddy. Got caught at work.” She addressed the cat, who decided that she had gotten the message and came over to jump in her lap and demand the attention that was his rightful due. Lila petted him absentmindedly while turning over the envelope that she’d picked up right before entering. Written in Cyrillic were a couple of words that made her blood run cold:


The Last Day of the Weekend

1950s sci-fi style

Yesterday Ian and Lila were able to get their fish/shrimp tacos and took a nice walk; however, the work efficiency just wasn’t there. Today needs to be a hard work day with a small break for dinner.

New Day

Flowering tree in Atwater Village

This will be a huge weekend for Lila to finish up a lot of things on which she’s been working. One of Ian’s assignments has ended and he will be working to ramp up for the other one. In between work, they should find time for a walk and some fish/shrimp tacos!

On a Walk

Silver Lake flowers

Lila went for a walk yesterday to run errands.  On her way she smelled the lovely scent from roses, saw a squirrel and this beautiful view down the street. Take time to savor today! Happy Friday!

Co-op Stuff

Walking down the sidewalk, Ian and Lila observed this lighted window. Ian motioned toward the door and they strolled in to observe the vintage and reproduction materials scattered around the shop. Lots of fun stuff to see.

Awesome Thrifting

Born shoes
Ian totally grumbles about shopping for clothes, which makes it torturous for Lila to go with him. However, on a recent shopping expedition, Ian and Lila struck gold at a local thrift store. Lots of brand name stuff had been donated in Ian’s size, which being large to XL was extra super!

Lila was wandering through the shoe section and spied a pair of men’s shoes, and not just any shoes — Born shoes! Jessica had always wanted a pair of Born shoes herself, but could never force herself to pay that much. Grabbing the shoes off the shelf, she toted them over to where Ian stood. He glanced over at the shoes. “Great, whatever.”

“But, but, you don’t understand. These are,” Lila looked around cautiously as though someone would reach out to grab them from her hands, and whispered,”Born shoes. They cost like a buttload of money.” She peeked at the price inside the shoes and nearly squealed, “Ten bucks! Sweet.” She sighed blissfully.

When Wine Calls…

One of Ian’s and Lila’s favorite markets lies only a few blocks away, which is handy for those late night cravings. Ian likes the two (well, actually three now) buck chuck, while Lila thinks TJ’s is convenient for picking up basic household supplies, slightly esoteric food stuff, and especially lately, mocha cappuccino mix. For variety, Lila adds hot cocoa mix, a few sprinkles of cardamom, or even coffee to the mocha capp for some extra caffeine zing.