Lila says, “I would prefer not to be sick.”

Lila woke up not feeling well and has been working from home today. Luckily most of her work assignments are accessible online, which makes things easier. Instead of meeting regarding the spec deal, she will do background reading.

Ian faces another long week, and after the sudden loss of his cell phone, has to make do with minimal communication until he receives its replacement.

Work Day

Last week Lila ended up with an extra work assignment that starts Monday. It’s a spec deal, and she won’t know if it will pay off until December. Ian is avoiding work, and has been through the weekend. This means it’s now crunch time. Work, work, work!

Dark Light

Sometimes it takes the dark to highlight the light

Ian and Lila have been through some pretty tough times the past couple of years. It has been no picnic on some of their adventures and the ending was never certain. It still isn’t. Focusing on what they do have helps them overcome the obstacles they face.

Happy Friday, everyone! If you have to “MacGyver” it a little bit to get through today, that’s fine. Remember to use what you’ve got! Sometimes there’s a little bit more dark to frame the light, but the light is still there…

Fast Pace

New beginnings

Lila’s new project starts today, after clearing the decks from the previous one yesterday.  Ian is hard at work with multiple job demands, and a possible temporary assignment in the offing. Every day is a new day!

Time Completed

Is it running?

After a late night, Lila finished her project in time and was able to send off the completed paperwork. Ian fell into sleep after an exhausting day. On to the next projects!

Busy, busy, busy

Watching it all go past…

Grab a moment to enjoy a treat.

Things have been incredibly busy, and time just seems to slide past. Ian and Lila’s work continues to hit critical levels for things having to be done. Sleep is greatly to be desired, but things need to happen. Lila will finish up the final part of her project today, while Ian has work and meetings.

Into Fall…

Silver Lake door

Through the door to fall, and on the way to winter.

Ian and Lila only got a few hours sleep last night due to work pressures this weekend. Lila needs to finish up two of her most important tasks to be ready to start her new assignment this week. Ian also has tasks waiting. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint, so take time to enjoy each day!

Happy Equinox!

Dark overtakes light

Here in Los Angeles, the daylight hours are already shortening and shadows lengthening.

Gingko Biloba leaves

Leaves start to fall and a bit of melancholy tends to creep into the thoughts. Time lost, time spent, how did things go…