Dark Light

Sometimes it takes the dark to highlight the light

Ian and Lila have been through some pretty tough times the past couple of years. It has been no picnic on some of their adventures and the ending was never certain. It still isn’t. Focusing on what they do have helps them overcome the obstacles they face.

Happy Friday, everyone! If you have to “MacGyver” it a little bit to get through today, that’s fine. Remember to use what you’ve got! Sometimes there’s a little bit more dark to frame the light, but the light is still there…

Fast Pace

New beginnings

Lila’s new project starts today, after clearing the decks from the previous one yesterday.  Ian is hard at work with multiple job demands, and a possible temporary assignment in the offing. Every day is a new day!

Busy, busy, busy

Watching it all go past…

Grab a moment to enjoy a treat.

Things have been incredibly busy, and time just seems to slide past. Ian and Lila’s work continues to hit critical levels for things having to be done. Sleep is greatly to be desired, but things need to happen. Lila will finish up the final part of her project today, while Ian has work and meetings.

Happy Equinox!

Dark overtakes light

Here in Los Angeles, the daylight hours are already shortening and shadows lengthening.

Gingko Biloba leaves

Leaves start to fall and a bit of melancholy tends to creep into the thoughts. Time lost, time spent, how did things go…

Wacky Wednesday

Moon 9/17

Full moon tonight — beautiful view in the late evening, if you look outside! Really brings out the crazies, though! Anyone else notice this?

Another Day…

Today needs to be super productive! After a short night and early morning, Ian and Lila are gearing up for another day. Looking forward to the afternoon, and moving ahead to 1970, here’s some Moody Blues Tuesday Afternoon.

The Last Day of the Weekend

1950s sci-fi style

Yesterday Ian and Lila were able to get their fish/shrimp tacos and took a nice walk; however, the work efficiency just wasn’t there. Today needs to be a hard work day with a small break for dinner.

On a Walk

Silver Lake flowers

Lila went for a walk yesterday to run errands.  On her way she smelled the lovely scent from roses, saw a squirrel and this beautiful view down the street. Take time to savor today! Happy Friday!