New Moon

Full moon

Lila glanced at the calendar and realized 5 September is the new moon, which she then read online is a good day to make a fresh start. So if you’ve been feeling tired and stressed, it’s a perfect day to make a new beginning!

Quirky Silver Lake

Chandelier on Sunset

One of the things Lila loves most about living in her area, is seeing bright colors combined with ordinary objects creatively re-imagined, as with the wooden chandeliers hanging outside El Chavo Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard.

Ian & Lila @Home

Ian & Lila's Home

Lila strung the lights across the balcony area — Ian couldn’t care less, but he grudgingly agreed that it added a European flair to the patio. Lila pointed out that was exactly the point. As usual, the only thing they could agree on was a little tequila with some lime to cut through the taste of a long day at work.