12 Days (pt. 6/12)

Ian and Lila parked in front of their place and made their way to the front door.

“Pearson is going to be thrilled to see us,” Lila pointed out.

“I’m sure,” Ian replied dryly, carefully opening the front door to block any attempt by the cat to escape. As expected, Pearson greeted them meowing vociferously, and demanding an explanation for their absence.

Walking in, instead of almost tripping over Pearson as she usually did, Lila managed to skid across the bamboo floor on an envelope pushed under their door by someone. After catching her balance, she reached down and picked up the envelope.

Pearson nearly crawled up her pant leg in his excitement at their return, so she stumbled over to the kitchen table and took a seat. He promptly climbed into her lap, kneading it, before settling in with a loud purr. Ian sat beside her at the table.

Lila thoroughly examined the unmarked envelope before slitting it open with her fingernail. Pulling out a single sheet of heavy cream-colored paper, she placed it on the table where they could both see.


Lila looked quickly at her watch.

“Can you guess which meal is Ian’s?”

“We only have a couple of hours. Let’s grab some tacos and head over.”

“Sounds good,” Ian agreed.

They walked up the street to their favorite taco place where they got their usual orders of fish and shrimp tacos with drinks.

Appetites satiated, they prepared to drive over to LACMA.